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What happens during a
Reiki treatment session.

The Reiki practitioners understands himself as a mere catalyst in the process of passing on Reiki energy to the client, while using his/ her hands.
During a standard session the hands are placed on a set of body areas, usually corresponding with the location of chacras (energy centers), for about 2 to 4 min. per spot. When finished, the practitioner often returns to areas of concern.
It is believed that a person who experience physical and/or emotional discomfort creates energy blocks and/or develops over or under active chacras.
Energy blocks are very much like muscle tensions in an area of pain.
The Reiki energy flowing from the practitioner’s hands is subtle and will attempt to improve and balance chacra activity and the energy flow through the clients entire body.

The client may experience nothing, the jerking of muscles, “weird” feelings of energy trying to find it’s way, emotions of happiness or sadness resulting into tears. Don’t be afraid. It’s all good.
After the session the effect of Reiki will continue and linger on for about 1 to 2 days. You might not have noticed any earth shattering changes from the treatment, but seem to simply feel some subtle undefinable “happy energy” roaming through you. However, there are those who never notice anything.

It is best, if the client relaxes the mind and the body as much as possible. Try not to fell how much energy is flowing, how fast and where it’s going. You might not feel anything at all. It is probably better to fall asleep during a session rather than “keeping a close eye on” what is happening.
Both, expectations as well as reluctance and skepticism can slow down the effect of Reiki considerable, as they both can create massive energy blockages, which most likely will not be easily simply eliminate by the practitioners.

The client will remain to be dressed at all the time. No oil will be used
At the beginning of the session, the practitioner will discuss with the client the clients level of comfort with touch. The client will have choices from getting touched to not touched at all, depending on trust level and comfort of the client.
The client will be treated laying on a massage table and covered by a light blanket. Both, the front of the client and the back will be treated.
The hands of the practitioners might move slightly when placed into a spot, in an effort to find the best placement.
During the session the client should feel free to talk and ask questions.
To facilitate the mood, music can be played in the back ground, incenses can be burned, candles be lit or essential oils be used to create a nice scent.
In the ideal case, you have prepared yourself mentally for the Reiki treatment. Share with your practitioner what is bothering you so he can pay extra attention to these problems. You and your practitioner can even develop a plan of how to tackle the problem best.


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